Adhish Mazumder

Solemn Tales of Human Hearts





'Solemn Tales of Human Hearts' is a book of short stories containing ten gripping tales which shall question and present us with situations at each turn of the page. It unfolds the plot in the most unexpected ways keeping us awake all night long. Everytime we think we have the answers, the question shall change until we wish for the solutions to be presented to us. The stories will reveal to us the life we forget and at the end of it, make us whole once again. Adhish asks us to take the leap if we are all confident that the stories are ours to reap.

The book drifts over a wide range of genres supplying the reader with forgotten emotional states which made the humans unique upon this Earth. 'Solemn Tales of Human Hearts' is for the high octane, fast edged new world socialites as it is for the reclusive, forsaken relinquished and bludgeoned horde reveling on the old world traditions and mostly considered a misfit in the society. This book is for those who fight not to stoop over the people they defeated in their quest to achieve success but rather those persevering to transcend themselves and be a pawn in creating a chain of change thus stepping back into the pool of humanity from the discordant mechanistic grind.

The book was launched on 27th December, 2016 at ICCR, Kolkata in the presence of former Sheriff of Kolkata, Mr. Utpal Chatterjee and renowned actor         Shri Satinath Mukhopadhyay.

Versed with Life


The first book of Adhish  contains a collection of twenty poems dealing with the essence of life. Poems in this book depict the lessons life demonstrates in front of our eyes but which we either fail to perceive or choose to ignore. 'Versed with Life' is his effort to make a statement and mould the minds of younger generations to see life in a broader view. It is rightly said that the best things in life comes for free and hence instead of striving to-wards materialism we should aim to enjoy the natural joys while we still have them. The stories versed in the poetry book are not his figment of imagination but the result of his interaction with people from all phases of life during his involvement in social works and his own experiences in life.

The book was launched on 30th December, 2015 at ICCR, Kolkata in the presence of santoor maestro, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya, ICCR regional director,       Shri Gautam De and renowned actor Shri Satinath Mukhopadhyay.

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

It is a dark, elusive novel set at the break of the twenty first century.

Once when angels ruled over God's creation catering to the most significant aspects of life for His satisfaction there was a great dispute. With the fall of Lucifer started a new era where the balance between the two worlds (Heaven and Hell) was being destroyed by the moral wars and the eternal war between good and bad fought at night.

Seeing the war was troubling the lives of people on Earth an Angel chose to stay on the planet and restore the balance. No one knew him but he chose to fall from God's grace with His blessing to be the light in the dark and a highway to both Heaven and Hell. It's the story of the hybrid who evolved to protect and defend humanity. But did his sacrifice bear fruit in anyway? 

This is the story of Love, Hate, Friendship, Loyalty, Sacrifice and Honour told by the protagonist's friend Alex Green.