Adhish Mazumder

Adhish Mazumder is born in a small town on the banks of river Hooghly on the outskirts of the City of Joy, Kolkata. Being from the city rich in stories about the natives’ obsession with literature and writing, he inculcated the flare for the same from a young age. Engaged in academics and medicine he still finds time somehow to keep his interest for writing alive.

He uses words in various styles and techniques to communicate ideas and paint a literary picture for his readers. He invokes his life experiences as well as creativity to form a beautiful concoction creating a magical realm where his readers are forced to think and expect the unexpected. Adhish is also a columnist. His works are published in one of the leading English daily newspaper.

His first book 'Versed with Life' is his effort to make a statement and mould the minds of younger generations to see life in a broader view. It is rightly said that the best things in life comes for free and hence instead of striving towards materialism we should aim to enjoy the natural joys while we still have them. The stories versed in the poetry book are not his figment of imagination but the result of his interaction with people from all phases of life during his involvement in social works and his own experiences in life.

'Solemn Tales of Human Hearts', his second book is aimed to educate the common masses about many medical conditions often passed as superstitious beliefs, challenging the religious epiphany with logic and also highlighting various barbaric and emotional ordeals still predominant in the society and in need to being taken note of unless it were to grow in all its severity.







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